A set of downloadable materials, only available in catalan, which have been prepared by CIMTI’s team, with useful information for all the members of our community.

Report CIMTI Challange 2023

Since 2019, CIMTI has positioned itself strategically to respond to the challenges arising from the Catalan health and social system. The main object of this report is to present the CIMTI Challenge 2023, focused on the promotion of women’s health.



Informe CIMTI 2022

Informe Anual 2022 CIMTI.


CIMTI Challenge 2022 report

Since 2019, CIMTI has been strategically positioned to answer to the main challenges arising from the Catalan health and social system. The main purpose of this report is the presentation of the CIMTI Challenge 2022, focused on the promotion of healthy lifestyles.


CIMTI annual report 2021

This results’ report shows the activity carried out by CIMTI and by its promoted projects during the year 2021.


CIMTI service catalogue

This catalogue has been developed to describe in detail each of the services that CIMTI can offer to promote its selected projects.


CIMTI: Operation and benefits for the selected projects

This guide has been promoted by CIMTI with the aim of disseminating the operation of CIMTI, including the presentation, evaluation, and selection of projects, as well as the services offered and benefits for the selected projects.


The CIMTI’s methodology: The Healthcare Innovation Cycle

This guide has been prepared by CIMTI with the aim of disseminating the methodology of the Healthcare Innovation Cycle, a methodology adapted from CIMIT in Boston, which is a model for health and social innovation used by experts throughout the world.


Definition and evaluation of CIMTI Challenges: methodology

We have prepared this guide to make public our methodology for choosing and defining CIMTI Challenges.


Observatori de solucions d'innovació sanitària i social per fer front a la Covid-19

This guide, produced by the CIMTI team in collaboration with AQuAS, is a compilation of the main health and social innovation initiatives that have emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. With this publication we intend to give them visibility and put them in value.


Public Procurement of Innovation. Supplier’s perspective.

This guide has been prepared by CIMTI with the aim of explaining the process of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) in an easy and understandable way from the supplier’s point of view.

The guide is aimed at all providers of innovative technologies (start-ups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs).


Guide to design your Healthcare Business Model Canvas

This guide has been prepared by CIMTI based on the Healthcare Business Model Canvas from CIMIT (Boston) and their training materials. The aim of the guide is to introduce the main ideas you need to know to start working on your Business Model Canvas adapted to the healthcare field.


CIMTI innovation ecosystem map

This training guide has been prepared from our point of view with the aim of identifying and defining the different stakeholders that form our innovative ecosystem.

It is addressed to all the projects that participate in the Impact Program, and as well as those members of our community and anyone interested in joining it.