The selected proposals are incorporated to the Impact Program and will have access to the CIMTI service portfolio, depending on their specific needs, both in the stage of maturation and implementation.




CIMTI services

CIMTI offers both specific and transversal services to projects, depending on their specific needs.

Access to clinical experts

We facilitate work sessions with clinical experts that give support in the project conceptualization and validation of the clinical need, through individual meetings or Focus Group with various experts. Moreover, we give support in the search of collaborations for pre-clinical and clinical validations, and in the configuration of the advisory board.

Access to market / business / public purchase experts

We facilitate contact with experts that give support to projects in the definition of the value proposition and business model, in the elaboration of market and intellectual property protection studies. Moreover, we give access to public purchase experts from AQuAS.

Access to regulatory experts

We organize work meetings with an expert consultant that offers personalized advice on product regulation, product classification within the european regulation, definition of the technical requirements and orientation for the CE marking, and finally implementation of quality management systems.

Access to technological experts (in collaboration with the LEITAT Technological Centre)

We provide technological advice to give support in the decision making, project orientation, and assessment of the level of technological maturity and technical feasibility. Also, planification and execution of proof of concept tests.

Direct contact with the CIMIT of Boston

Projects will have advice and direct access to exclusive training provided by the team of the CIMIT of Boston.


We give support in the search of both public financing and private investment.

  • We identify public financing ways and offer advice in the proposal’s presentation. Moreover, we offer the possibility to form a consortium with the LEITAT Technological Centre for the request of competitive financing. In this case, the project office of the LEITAT Technological Centre gives support in the elaboration of proposals jointly.
  • We offer mentoring with an expert in private investment and support in the document preparation and inversion pitch. Moreover, we help projects to identify specialized investors and to organize presentations.

Access to training sessions

CIMTI organizes training sessions addressed to its projects that are focused on the most appropriate topics, depending on their specific needs: public financing, investment, technology transfer, intellectual property, access to market, ways of public purchase, regulatory and communication.

Support in communication

CIMTI facilitates its communication agency to improve the communication and visibility of projects through training sessions, press and social networks.


The CIMTI team accompanies projects during the maturation stage and its subsequent implementation. Each project has assigned a project manager, who is responsible for following the project activity, giving advice and accompanying during all stages and challenges found during the project development.