Workshop CIMTI Challenge

11 Feb 2019
09:30 h
Building Leitat Barcelona: Pallars 179 - 185, Event's hall. Barcelona.

In coordination with the Department of Health and the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families, a challenge related to the home care improvement of chronic patients has been prioritized for 2019. In order to define this challenge and optimize the search and implementation of solutions, CIMTI organizes a workshop of experts in the sector.

Workshop objectives:
– To present a systemic vision model on the environment of chronically ill patients at home, as a result of the research process that is being carried out.
– To refine the model presented thanks to the workshop participants’ contributions.
– To establish the aspects of greater relevance for the definition of the problems.
– To define criteria of impact and evaluation for the proposals that will be submitted to the CIMTI challenge.
– To conduct a mapping of the main agents of the ecosystem agents.
– To think about the channels and formats most suitable for the call, depending on the type of agents involved.

Attendance upon private invitation.