Webinar: “Value-Based Healthcare: creating a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system”

29 Mar 2022

From CIMTI we present our next Webinar: ” Value-Based Healthcare: creating a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system”. On this occasion, Yves Verboven (Founder at EU4HealthSolutions) and Rossana Alessandrello (Value-Based Procurement Director at AQuAS) will talk about the Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) model and will explain why this is useful and advantageous for healthcare start-ups and companies.

VBHC targets the outcomes that make the biggest difference to patients, while driving cost efficiencies within health services. The proliferation of Value-Based Healthcare is changing the way physicians and hospitals provide care: patients spend less money to achieve better health, providers achieve efficiencies and greater patient satisfaction, payers control costs and reduce risk, suppliers align prices with patient outcomes and society becomes healthier while reducing overall healthcare spending.

The moderation will be carried out by Elisenda Casanelles, CIMTI’s Chief Operation Officer.

The Webinar will take place on Tuesday 29th of March from 11 to 12h.

The spoken language will be English.

One day before you will receive the Zoom link to attend the session by email.

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