Workshop CIMTI Challange 2023

27 Apr 2023
Oficines CIMTI a Barcelona (C/Pallars 179-185)

We have organized a Workshop with experts in women’s health to define the specific topic of the CIMTI 2023 Challenge “Promotion of women’s health”.

During the developing of the Workshop, the experts were distributed in multidisciplinary groups with representatives from the field of endocrinology, nutrition, public and community health, sports medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, and research and innovation. In a first exercise, unmet needs were detected within the general framework of women’s health. Then 3 unmet needs per group were prioritized, depending on the impact they have on women’s health and based on whether or not there are solutions that provide a full or partial response to that need. Finally, the different prioritized unmet needs were shared and the 4 topic areas prioritized in the REPTE CIMTI 2023 call were selected.

In accordance with the work done in this Workshop, we can say that the CIMTI 2023 Challenge Call, under the title “Promotion of women’s health”, is focused on proposals that address any of the following topics:

  • Topic 1 – Development of tools to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women at all stages of life.
  • Topic 2 – Development of new medical tools and technologies to minimize the risk associated with pregnancy monitoring.
  • Topic 3 – Development of tools for the early diagnosis of cancer in women.
  • Topic 4 – Development of tools to improve the detection and support of mental health problems in women at all stages of life.

We thank the work done by the people who participated in this Workshop.