CIMTI Challenge Call

State: Closed     Deadline: 17th august 2023



Which proposals can be submitted?

The CIMTI challenge call is addressed to projects with multidisciplinary teams that solve a specific challenge, determined by the agents of health and social system of Catalonia. The CIMTI Challenge 2022 Call, with the title “Promotion of women’s health“, is focused on proposals that address any of the following topics:

  • Topic 1 – Development of tools to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women at all stages of life.
  • Topic 2 – Development of new medical tools and technologies to minimize the risk associated with pregnancy monitoring.
  • Topic 3 – Development of tools for the early diagnosis of cancers in women.
  • Topic 4 – Development of tools to improve the detection and monitoring of mental health problems in women at all stages of life.

To define these topics, a co-creation workshop was organized with the participation of experts from the health and social field.


Which are the requirements?

  • Unmet need: the proposal must be framed in the promotion and prevention of health, or contribute to an improvement in the quality of care, in accordance with the priorities for health and the priorities for the system established in the Health Plan for Catalonia 2021-2025 (Government of Catalonia).
  • Type of solution: the proposed solution must be an innovative technology-based solution within one of these categories: medical technologies, in vitro diagnostics or digital health.
  • Solution status: the proposal must be at least in the Proof of Concept Phase (Healthcare Innovation Cycle Phase 3) and, at most, in the Proof of Value Phase (Healthcare Innovation Cycle Phase 5). Hence, all the milestones from Phases 1 and 2 must be achieved; and must not having all milestones from Phase 5 achieved. More information on the milestones and phases of the Health Innovation Cycle HERE.
  • Territoriality: the proposal must be able to be implemented partially or totally in the Catalan territory and be scalable.
  • Team: it must have at least two people that can dedicate 50% to all the activities included in the Impact Program (e.g. attendance at kick-off and follow-up meetings, advice, training and other types of meetings related to CIMTI services). In cases where the project team consists of more than two people, the person responsible for the project must have a dedication equal to or greater than 50%. The percentage of dedication does not refer to the dedication that the person has to the project itself, but to the commitment they can achieve with the Impact Program.
  • CIMTI services: the support required by the proposal must be framed within the services offered by CIMTI through its support program, the Impact Program (More information about CIMTI Services HERE).

Only applications written in english and submitted through the Open Water platform will be accepted.

Information about Regulatory Bases HERE

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