CIMTI Call for Innovation

State: Closed    Deadline: 5th April 2022

The CIMTI Innovation Call will allow you to join theImpact Programwhere you will receive support to accelerate the development of your innovative solution to reach the market.

What kind of proposals can be submitted?

The CIMTI Call for Innovation is addressed to proposals with multidisciplinary teams that offer innovative solutions based on technology in the health and social field such as medical technologies, in vitro diagnostics, and digital health and digital medicine. These proposals may come from SISCAT entities, CERCA centres, companies or other entities that emerged from the Catalan health and social system.


Which are the requirements?

  • Unmet need: the proposal must be framed in the promotion and prevention of health, or contribute to an improvement in the quality of care, in accordance with the priorities for health and the priorities for the system established in the Health Plan for Catalonia 2021-2025 (Government of Catalonia).
  • Type of solution: the proposed solution must be an innovative technology-based solution within one of these categories: medical technologies, in vitro diagnostics or digital health and digital medicine.
  • Solution status: the proposal must be at least in the Proof of Concept Phase (Healthcare Innovation Cycle Phase ≥ 3) and, at most, in the Proof of Value Phase (Healthcare Innovation Cycle Phase = 5). More information here.
  • Territoriality: the proposal must be able to be implemented partially or totally in the Catalan territory and be scalable.
  • Team: it must have at least two people with a joint dedication of the team members equal to or greater than one full day (FTE = Full time equivalent) (e.g.: 2 people at 50%). When the team of the project is formed by more than two people, the project leader must have a dedication equal to or greater than 50%.
  • Funding: the viability of the project when submitting the application cannot depend exclusively on its funding. Therefore, those proposals that depend exclusively on obtaining funding to be able to advance in their development will be excluded.
  • CIMTI services: the support required by the proposal must be framed within the services offered by CIMTI through its support program, the Impact Program (More information about CIMTI Services HERE).

Only applications written in english and submitted through the Open Water platform will be accepted.


Regulatory bases (pdf)

Application form previsualization