CIMTI annually opens two calls for the presentation of innovative solutions in the health and social fields:

  • CIMTI Call for Innovation: with two evaluation periods per year (minimum one), selects the best proposals related to health and social innovation as long as they are aligned with the current health plan.
  • CIMTI Challenge Call: aimed at giving an answer to a challenge that is annually prioritized with the Departament de Salut of the Generalitat and is defined with experts from the health and social field. This Call selects the best proposals that can give a solution to the challenge proposed.

Projects that meet the eligibility criteria are evaluated by 3 independent experts. Once all the projects are evaluated, a consensus process begins for the selection of a maximum of 5 projects for each call, sending a final report to all the evaluated projects.

The projects selected in the CIMTI Calls become part of the Impact Program, a 15-month program that offers support services to innovative solutions in the field of health in the 4 domains of the Health Innovation Cycle (technology, regulatory, market and business and clnical); and in other areas such as financing, communication or access to the Catalan health ecosystem.

CIMTI for Innovation
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Oriented to innovative solutions in the health and social fieldsClosed05/04/2023
CIMTI Challenge
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Oriented to innovative solutions that respond to a specific challenge per yearClosed17/08/2023