Framework of action and objectives

Framework of action and objectives

The focuses its efforts on the strategic lines and key activities that will make our health system more efficient and competitive both nationally and internationally.

The CIMTI is structured around a framework of action focused on:

  • Valuing medical and life sciences technologies to serve the Catalan healthcare and research system.
  • Promoting innovative initiatives in the field of health.
  • Preventing scientific production from being produced outside the Catalan territory.
  • Collaborating in the development of proofs of concept in collaboration with the healthcare system.
  • Valuing innovative initiatives in terms of maximization of the economic or social impact

Objectives of CIMTI

Generating an impact based on initiatives that generate a strong social impact at international level and help deploy the valorization strategy of knowledge of scientific production developed within the framework of the healthcare system and health research.

Concentrating experience in the field of medical technology devices and instruments, both critical mass in research and resources in the field of knowledge transfer and innovation.

Uniting knowledge through setting up a network in contact with the agents involved: researchers from hospitals of the SISCAT system, research centers, entrepreneurs and public and private sector entities that can add value to each of the functions and stages of the process.

Deploying strategies to attract investment and facilitate internationalization and maximize the social impact of our innovations. Private investment will be enhanced through the exploitation of real opportunities and an attractive level of maturity.

Visualization and transparency of the added value generated at health level (ex-post impact assessments), economic level (reduction of expenditure), and social level.